Janelle D. By Janelle D. • October 3, 2018

Autumn Staging Tips For Real Estate Clients

If you have clients wanting to sell their home in the autumn, offer staging tips to highlight seasonal colors and bring more buyer interest. No matter your client’s budget, anyone can afford to add a splash of fall color to their home. Focus on scent, sight and texture to quickly grab the attention of potential buyers at the next open house.




Winner Wardrobe (2)When it comes to your client’s home, the interior is an ideal place to add color and texture to reflect the colors of autumn. Add ambiance, warmth and fragrance with candles (good light source too, as the days get shorter). A decorative bowl of colorful leaves or seasonal nuts (ex. acorns, chestnuts) adds color and texture. Pillows and throws add texture and cozy layers. Light the fireplace to create warmth, or simply display birch logs to draw attention to this focal point.

Other colorful ideas include the following:

  • Colorful fruit in a white bowl: pomegranates, pears, small pumpkins or gourds
  • Seasonal scents: hot apple cider; boiling potpourri made from cinnamon/cloves/nutmeg/water (TIP: place in a small crock-pot, with a timer, to reduce the chances of burning it).
  • Large vase of branches loaded with colorful leaves or an arrangement of flowers (yellow daisies, colorful carnations, mums)
  • Baked goods that smell like fall: cinnamon rolls, maple scones, apple pie
  • Red/orange books on bookshelves or tables
  • Gold or silver accessories (ex. candlesticks or a vase):  place next to colorful elements, like various sized red/orange/brown candles, to add a touch of elegance and shine. You can even spray a pumpkin or gourd with metallic paint!




Remind your clients to stage the outside of their home too. Buyers enjoy being welcomed by a colorful display of mums, pumpkins, and a beautiful fall wreath as they approach the front door. Include color in the backyard by planting mums, ornamental cabbage and kale.

Encourage clients to keep their property clear of leaves, branches and other debris. Have them water flowers regularly to keep them looking fresh. Finally, keep sidewalks and driveways swept clean.


What to Avoid

There are a few things your clients should avoid when they’re staging their home. Too many decorative items can lead to clutter -- encourage your clients to keep it simple. Be aware of stale elements -- remove aged fruit, change vase water regularly and replace spent flowers. Avoid excessive holiday decorations (ex. Halloween) and simply focus on adding holiday colors.  A simple jack-o-lantern on an entry table, surrounded by colorful pillar candles, will suffice.  When in doubt, bring in a professional stager to pull everything together and leave a favorable impression with visitors.


Help your real estate clients prepare their home for fall by offering staging tips that bring autumn into their homes through scent, sight, and texture. Whether your client is on a strict budget or not, there are many options that can be applied to make their house stand out and reflect the beauty of the season. Use color to enhance your next open house and grab the attention of potential buyers. Even if your clients aren't selling right now, offer them staging tips to enhance their home during this colorful season.