Janelle D. By Janelle D. • July 27, 2018

Best Vehicles for Real Estate Agents in Different Regions of the U.S.

As a real estate agent, you need a vehicle to perform your job, but there are many factors to consider before purchasing in your region. Maybe you need something small and fuel efficient as you jet around showing homes to buyers. If you’re in a mountainous region, you might lean towards a 4-wheel drive truck, SUV or Crossover. Maybe you want a low maintenance vehicle. Other factors you might consider include the following:

  • Type of terrain you will regularly travel:  city streets or rural roads
  • Miles covered in a typical day
  • Safety
  • Low or high maintenance
  • Mobile office friendly
  • Type of customer you might be ferrying
  • Adequate trunk/cargo space
  • Hands-free:  communication and automatic liftgate features


After you narrow down your vehicle choices, based off of your needs, consider how your clients will feel inside the vehicle. Is there adequate leg room? Before purchasing a vehicle, sit in the passenger's seat and the back seat to see how comfortable (or uncomfortable) your clients may be. In northern regions, consider heated back seats.

Also, consider the type of client you typically have in your car. Are you working with high-end clients who expect a certain caliber of vehicle? Are you dealing with a middle-aged or an older population who would have a hard time getting into a vehicle that has high ground clearance, like a truck? Are you dealing with families who would be most comfortable in a spacious vehicle with 3rd row seating or one with a sliding door?

Let’s take a look at some vehicle options, broken down by various areas in the U.S. to help make your decision easier.

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In the Northwest, rain, sleet, snow, and ice may sway you toward the purchase of an all-wheel drive or possibly a 4-wheel drive vehicle. SUV’s and Crossovers are particularly popular and you can easily throw a property sign in the back. Heated seats are desirable in this region (your clients will thank you). Here are some options to consider:

  • Subaru Outback or Forester
  • Ford F150 Pickup or Explorer
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Toyota 4 Runner
  • BMW X3
  • Mercedes-Benz B-Class
  • Fiat 500E



In the Southwest, you may opt for a smaller, fuel efficient vehicle if you work in a densely populated area. A hearty vehicle like an SUV or truck might be favored by those working in rural areas. One of these options are worth considering:

  • Honda Civic
  • Toyota RAV4, Corolla, 4-Runner
  • Nissan Altima
  • Ford F150
  • Chevy Silverado 1500 & Tahoe
  • Mercedes C-Class
  • Lexus NX
  • Cadillac XTS



In the Midwest, temperatures vary greatly and can include frigid winters and brutal summers. With alarmingly high accident rates, in areas like Chicago for example, a lease might be favorable. Here are a few vehicles worth considering:

  • Ford F150 or Explorer
  • Chevy Silverado 1500
  • Honda HR-V
  • Subaru Crosstrek
  • Chrysler 300
  • Buick Encore)
  • Lincoln MKS



In the Northeast, harsh winters and brutal waves of heat lead to versatile vehicle choices that can stand up to extreme conditions while keeping your clients comfortable. Don’t forget the heated seats.

  • Chevy Silverado
  • Honda CR-V or Accord
  • Subaru Outback
  • Volvo XC60
  • Toyota Camry
  • Nissan Rogue
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Ford F150
  • Mercedes Benz GLA 250



In the Southeast, humidity and warm temperatures may lead some to choose a convertible style vehicle but your clients may prefer the top up and air conditioning. Here are some options that you and your clients may appreciate:

  • Honda Accord or Civic
  • Nissan Altima
  • GMC Sierra 1500
  • Ford F150
  • Toyota Camry, Corolla or RAV4
  • Infiniti Q40
  • Lexus LX 570


There are many factors to consider when choosing a vehicle, including your comfort and the comfort of your clients. Look for a vehicle that fits your day-to-day work needs, compliments the caliber of your clients, and provides adequate room for listing signs and other work related items. Whatever you drive, no matter how old or new, keep it clean, inside and out. Your clients will thank you.

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