Janelle D. By Janelle D. • September 25, 2018

6 Strategies to Convert Real Estate Leads

As a real estate agent, you rely on leads to grow your business and need to be able to get them on the phone in order to move them into your sales funnel. Following up with real estate leads, and getting them to pick up the phone, is as simple as following a couple of tried and true strategies.

Making time to follow up with real estate leads must be a priority if you want to see a return on your investment. When you figure out a system that returns results, you will no longer balk at the thought of having to contact yet another lead. Let’s look at some stats illustrating what it takes to convert a lead.

As you can see, prompt follow up is of utmost importance when it comes to contacting and qualifying a real estate lead. When you follow up soon after receiving the lead alert, you catch them while they’re still in front of their computer or mobile device. You are still top of mind. If they don’t answer your call, leave a voicemail message and let them know you’ll follow up with a text.

You will find that many of your leads have bogus email addresses and/or phone numbers which gets frustrating and quickly becomes a waste of time. Consider purchasing only verified leads, and you can rest assured that someone has scrubbed the leads for you and provided solid contact information. These leads will not only save you time but increase your chances of converting a lead into a sale.

Get Verified Leads In Your Inbox

Call your leads as quickly as you receive them. If you cannot do this, the best time to call them is on a Wednesday or Thursday between 4-6pm. If you have to wait a few days, you’re chances of getting them on the phone, or to reply to a text, are slim. If you’re receiving too many leads to keep up with, considering hiring a temp to call them as soon as lead alerts are received. The goal of converting the lead into a sale quickly becomes realized when you call them directly after receiving their inquiry.

Once you get the lead on the phone, via call or text, ask questions about their recent visit to your website (or wherever you generated the lead). Maybe they heard about you from a friend and are looking for their first home -- focus your conversation on that topic. Avoid spending too much time talking about yourself. Let them know you have helped many clients find their first home, for example, then move the conversation back to them and what they’re looking for. Consider starting the conversation by asking them if they found any houses on your website that interested them. You want to get the lead to talk about their needs and preferences.

  • How did they find your website?
  • What are they looking for?
  • First-time buyer? Seller?


Phone Script Example (script can be manipulated to compliment a conversation with a buyer or a seller):

“Hi __________. I wanted to call and thank you for visiting my website _________ and requesting information about ___________ . Tell me a little bit about what you’re looking for in a home/when you want to sell your home.”

<Listen and reiterate their information in your response.>

“That sounds great. So you’re looking for _______________. I have helped many clients purchase homes/sell homes in that area. Did you know ________ (provide fact: due to the number of home renovations in that area, many of the homes are turnkey.  Wouldn't it be great to find a home that doesn't require a remodel)?”

<Listen to response. Quickly move on if they aren’t responsive to fact.>

“I’ve got a number of homes we can visit. Let’s meet at the office/your home tomorrow and discuss what works best for you. How about [time] or [time]?” (They’re more likely to commit if you provide a couple of options.)

<Listen. If they pick a time, get their email and ask if it’s ok to text them. Show understanding if they hesitate to commit. Work your magic on convincing them why now is the time to work with you and purchase/sell a home.>

“I look forward to meeting you and helping you find a home. I’ll see you at [time]. Any other questions?”


Getting a real estate lead to pick up the phone is linked to your level of responsiveness. When you call a lead quickly after receiving the lead alert, you’re more likely to have the advantage of a real conversation. There will still be times when the lead won’t pick up your call (wish I had a dime for every instance) but you can always add them to a nurturing email campaign. Remember, if you don’t have the time to call the lead immediately after receiving an alert, hire a part-time assistant to gather information and set appointments. Now get out there, make some calls, and convert leads into sales!

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