Janelle D. By Janelle D. • July 6, 2018

5 Ways To Generate Leads On Rural Real Estate Listings


Marketing a rural home or farm can be daunting, especially if it's your first rural listing. It can be challenging to come up with ways to generate interest.  To get you started, we’ve compiled some creative ways to bring interest to a rural property. Besides cleaning up the property and tidying up the home, you can do a lot to draw attention to the property, especially if you create an emotional element. Let’s look at ways to market a rural property to generate leads.

1)  Professional Photos

When it's time to have professional photos taken, focus on creating feeling in the photos by including people in some of the shots. Photos like this help potential buyers "feel" what it might be like living in a rural setting, enjoying a laid-back lifestyle.

jordan-bauer-356578-unsplashTake a photo of the yard, with someone lying in a hammock, sipping lemonade.

Take a photo of the living room, with someone standing at the window, just as the sunset is streaming through the picture windows.

On the property, take a photo of someone in a canoe on the pond.

2)  Advertising

Utilize farm/ranch based publications and websites, such as the following:

Also, consider advertising in the nearest big city’s newspaper so you can attract those looking to get away from the crowds.

3)  Social Media

Use social media to reach out to an audience of new, young farmers. Small rural homes appeal to a growing group of young farmers, age 25-35. Focus on people following organic farming groups or farming trends.  Post enticing photos of the listing and video to improve engagement.

4)  Throw a Barn Party (even if there is no barn) to Increase Interest

Create a country-themed bash and invite as many agents and brokers as you can. It’s a lot of fun and won’t easily be forgotten (I know what I’m talking about, I’m from Montana)!

  • Live, country music (hire a local group or find family members that will play for free)
  • Small area to dance (won’t be the same without it!)
  • Hay bales covered with blankets
  • Catered BBQ
  • Party favors: listing brochure tied in a piece of gingham with a horseshoe charm
  • Invite the neighbors (it’s customary)


5)  Make a series of short videos from the party and share on social media, on your website, blog, etc., to generate interest and leads.  Videos are hot on social media and prove to be a great way to engage followers and promote sharing.  Options, like the following, give prospective buyers a feeling of what life could be like in a rural setting:

  • Images of people walking to a pond
  • People looking at birds through binoculars
  • Guests laughing around a firepit
  • Groups chatting on the porch

Once you start to generate leads, remember to follow up with them right away and nurture them.  You might find that this listing isn't ideal for a particular lead, but don't let that stop you from continually nurturing them.  When the right property does come along, they're already familiar with you and your marketing and will be responsive to future listings shared by you.

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Trying to figure out how to generate leads off of rural properties no longer has to be a daunting task. Utilize some of the suggestions in this article to improve interest and generate leads. Remember, you're not just marketing to those who want a rural property for farming and ranching. You're marketing a lifestyle; a laid-back way of life away from the city. Before you know it, you’ll be asked to sell the neighbor's house after this listing sells. It's time to plan a party.  You’ve got this!

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