Janelle D. By Janelle D. • April 24, 2019

Looking to Attract the Next Generation of Home Buyers/Sellers? Introducing Generation Z

What do you know about Generation Z and how to gain them as a client? They differ from the previous millennial generation and might be your next buyer or seller if you know how to reach them through marketing.

Gen Z was born in the mid 90's to the early 2000's (although it can vary in either direction). It's no surprise they were basically born with technology in their hands, spending more time online than previous generations. The following are other Gen Z traits you should be aware of before marketing to them:

  • Don't like to be told what to do
  • Don't like boundaries
  • More risk-adverse
  • More racial diversity
  • More phone, less TV
  • Use phone for entertainment, more so than TV
  • Easily distracted/short attention span

When it comes to real estate, they are likely to buy a home in their 20's and understand the need to save for the future, so the down payment might not be an area of contention. They are attracted to technology and, therefore, may gravitate toward smart homes and modern homes. They also like the idea of being part of a community. All of these factors should be taken into consideration if you want to garner a Gen Z following.  Let's look more closely at some of these opportunities.

Post Videos on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube

When marketing to Gen Z, we need to embrace technology and storytelling to capture their attention.  Consumers watch videos about topics they are passionate about, and videos on YouTube rank the highest with Gen Z.  For example, if they like looking at modern homes online, they will seek out videos featuring modern homes. Produce high quality videos on modern homes you're selling and post to YouTube to capture their attention. Because you're delivering professional videos, they'll be more likely to watch future videos and share them with friends (the shareability factor is a big deal with this generation). Keep in mind, some of these "kids" grow up watching YouTube, not the television. Knowing that should motivate you to create a high quality YouTube channel, so you can attract a following of potential Gen Z home buyers/sellers.

Use apps (ex. Periscope) to create short, edgy videos which are appealing to Gen Z. Post these videos where they'll find them...on Insta stories, Snapchat stories and Youtube. You can get more engagement from these videos by including links to your website in the stories (where allowed).


Influencers are not only a big part of their lives, but Gen Z feels like they make a difference in their lives. You can act as an influencer by sharing videos which include reviews of products/lenders/smart devices. Post them on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. When done professionally and with some punch, you will start to create a following which could lead to becoming an influencer.


As a visually-focused generation, Gen Z expects to see amazing, professional photos (including 3-D) online. Make sure you're posting only the best listing photos if you expect to make a lasting impression and gain a following. Gen Z will research property information and information about you, so make sure your website looks modern and all photos (including your personal photo) are professional and up-to-date.

Solve a Problem, Leave the World a Better Place

Think about how your photos and videos can help solve a problem or leave the world a better place. Point out energy saving home technology and things like solar panels. Use pictures of staged homes to help them learn about the importance of furniture placement or Feng shui. By sharing this type of information you're helping them solve problems, which resonates with Gen Z.

Other considerations as you market to Gen Z:
  • "Always on" generation
  • Access to serious cash
  • Actively avoid ads (use ad-blocking software)
  • They will review you online so leave a good impression
  • Recommendations from friends are their most trusted source of learning about brands, products and your reputation
Share Your Cause or What You Stand For

Gen Z mobilize themselves for a variety of causes. They like it when people take a stand and have something clear to say about they believe in. Sharing videos or pictures of work you do with non-profit organizations or other ways you give back to the community, for example, might help them connect with you on a whole new level.

Online Reviews Matter

Make sure you're asking your clients to review you online.  Post testimonials on your website and in your marketing. Gen Z relies on ratings, reviews and comments, so bad reviews will leave them with no option but to drop you from their radar.


When it comes to marketing to Gen Z, start by shifting your focus to social media and video.  Post professional videos and photos on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube to build up a following.  Keep your website up-to-date and include testimonials from past clients.  If you're passionate about a cause, share that as well. All of this can help you capture the attention of Gen Z, providing you with a greater opportunity to gain them as future home buyers and sellers.