Janelle D. By Janelle D. • March 5, 2019

Real Estate Leads Turned Buyers

As real estate agents, we want leads, lots of them.  We want to see them coming in from all sources and on a daily basis.  What we do with those leads today determines whether or not we will have business tomorrow, next month, next year, and for years to come.  When you nurture all leads, you will always have prospects to add to your sales funnel.

Wouldn't it be great to receive a call, from lead from 2 years ago, who is now ready to buy a home?  They thank you for staying in touch through emails, blog posts, phone calls and mailers.  You prepare to meet with them, sit back and reflect on all of the nurturing that went into this client and know you did the right thing in keeping them in your cache.

How different would it look if you had discarded those leads because they weren't hot leads?  Maybe something like this...  You're talking to a friend who works as an agent in a different office.  She talks about a lead she received 2 years ago who recently contacted her.  They've signed a contract to purchase a home and expect to close soon. You recognize the name as a lead you once had and realize that sale could have been yours.  Your friend nurtured the lead; you dumped the lead because they were unrealistic about what it would cost to buy a home in their area.  It's time reevaluate and start looking at all of your leads as possible, future clients.

If you continually nurture your leads, with emails, calls, flyers, and the like, your chances of eventually helping them sell/buy a home are greatly enhanced.  Remember, if you don't nurture leads, another agent is going to.  Instead of dropping leads who don't meet your standards, and doing yourself and the lead a disservice, nurture them because you never know when a lead might be ready to buy a home.  

Everyone has a different way they like to be contacted:  call, text, email.  If your analytics indicate a lead has opened past emails, reach out to them via email.  If you were never able to make contact with a past lead, give them a call.  If you cannot get them to answer, leave a voicemail message letting them know you'll follow up with a text and/or email. 

  • If the lead opened a past email, send an email to re-engage them
  • If you've never been able to get in touch with a lead, call them and follow up with a text

When writing an email, consider a subject line like "Have you stopped looking at houses?".  You want to get their attention so they will open the email.  From there, create a short email about how they were once interested in receiving information about foreclosed homes, for example, and you wanted to see if they had found a house or could still use your assistance.  Include a link to the listing page of your website and encourage them to sign up to receive your newsletter or follow your blog.  The goal is to get them to interact in some way -- visiting your website, opening blog articles, responding to an email.  All of this can be tracked, giving you a better idea of how serious they are about finding a home, if they haven't already.

So if you're unable to get a lead on the phone, follow up with them via text or email or both.  Your goal is to start building a connection with the lead and get them to interact with you.  Check your analytics to see if they're opening your emails and clicking on links.  If you've sent a text and they opened your listings page, text them your next new or featured listing.  Sometimes you have to get creative when it comes to getting a lead to interact with you.  Whatever it takes, nurture your leads and you'll find your sales funnel growing.

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