By F2C Author • May 18, 2018

Your Leads Aren’t Bad, Just Your Timing

You sit down to call a list of leads but cannot get anyone on the phone. Is this a problem you run into regularly? If that’s the case, your timing may be off. Waiting to call a lead, when it’s convenient for you, will likely lead to dead-end phone calls. Making calls when it’s convenient for the lead will increase the likelihood of making contact and setting an appointment. Let’s look at some options for getting in touch with more leads.


You most likely have leads pouring in from various online sources including your website, blog, and 3rd party lead generation vendors, but if you cannot get in contact with them, they aren’t creating much value. WHEN you reach out to these leads is of utmost importance. Many agents schedule a block of time each week to follow up with leads and, while that’s helpful, leads will likely have forgotten about you and your website by the time you call them (save that block of time for old, dusty leads). By waiting to call, you’re missing out on the opportunity to get them on the phone while they’re engaged in your website/blog/etc. Keep in mind, in the days since they visited your website, they probably visited other sites too. Another agent may have already reached out, made an impression and claimed them as their client. Following up with a lead shortly after they’ve visited your site provides the best opportunity to get them on the phone and improves your chances of getting them into your sales funnel.

Call The Lead Right Away

Call the lead immediately after you receive the lead alert to avoid missing the opportunity to speak with them. Waiting to call them greatly diminishes your chances of getting them on the phone, but it’s still possible (don’t give up). If you don’t get someone on the phone, have strategies in place to follow up with them soon (discussed later).

Let’s say you call a lead 1 week after you received the lead alert -- you’ll probably talk to their voicemail, but IF they pick up...

Agent: “Hi!  My name is __________ and I noticed you visited my website recently. I see you looked at 123 Main Street. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the listing.”

Lead: “What’s the name of your website?”

Agent: “XYZ Realty. What did you like about 123 Main St.?”

Lead: “I’ve looked at a lot of listings and websites. I don’t even remember looking at 123 Main St.”


Do you see what’s happening with the conversation? The lead doesn’t know why they’re receiving a call from you. They’ve forgotten about the listing and your website. FORGOTTEN. It’s about servicing the lead while they’re engage in your website, not days or even weeks later, and providing great service right from the beginning. Avoid making them wait for the information they desire. Let’s look at a call when the lead is only a few minutes old...

Agent: Agent: “Hi! My name is __________ and I noticed you just visited my website. I see you looked at 123 Main Street. What did you like about the listing?”

Lead: “Hi! Yes, I was just looking but didn’t expect to hear from you so quickly. I’m looking for a house with a walkout basement but couldn’t tell if 123 Main Street had that feature. What do you know about the house?”

Because you made the call directly after receiving the lead alert, you engaged the lead straight away. You also ignited positive emotions (surprise and relief) which can lead to further engagement. Ask if they’re still looking at your website (or wherever the lead was generated from) because a lot of the time you’ll find that they’re still looking at listings online. This is a great opportunity to have them pull up the listing, go over the details with them, and set up a showing appointment.

Leads Generated From Signs on Properties

When leads are generated from sign riders, you have a unique opportunity to reach out to them while they’re sitting in front of the home that’s for sale. Maybe the home is close to your office and you could meet them there within minutes. Now that’s service!

“Hi! I notice that you texted to get information about the house I have listed on 123 Main St. I’m nearby and can meet you in 10 minutes. How does that sound?”

This prompt follow up delivers ultimate customer service. It leaves a positive impression, improves the likelihood of the showing turning into a sale, and may result in future referrals. Make it a priority to immediately follow up with leads generated from on-site sign riders.

Email and Text, Automatic Follow Up

However you generate leads, it’s important to have systems in place that automatically send a text or email immediately after the lead registers on your site. This is especially important when you aren’t able to call them within a few minutes of receiving the lead alert. Talk to your website and blog hosts, as well as 3rd party vendors, to find out how to trigger automatic email/text messages to leads. By quickly responding with an automatic message, you keep them engaged and give yourself some leeway between the time they register on your site and when you give them a call.

Before sending an automatic follow-up message, personalize your email templates or texts, be specific and direct (ex. focus on their request for new listing alerts), and mention the site they visited. Your prompt, personalized response will make a positive impression and, by addressing their request, it will feel less salesy and more accommodating. By immediately delivering a follow-up message, after the lead fills out an online form, you provide superior service and keep the lead warm until you can call them.

Sample email sent to a lead that registered on your site, requesting new listings alerts:

Hi ______,

Thank you for visiting my website, XYZ Realty, and requesting information on the latest listings. It’s always exciting to see what’s new on the market! I will follow up with you soon to provide more information.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my blog, XYZ Blog. You’ll find lots of great articles based on client questions and requests.

I look forward to providing listings that meet your needs. Have a great day!

Agent XYZ


Leads may not respond to your emails, but you need to continue trying to make contact. Never give up, unless they ask you to stop contacting them. In the email example above, they may not respond but they may visit your blog and open an article or two. If that’s the case, they’re engaging with your content. When you call to follow up, kick off the conversation by thanking them for checking out your blog. If you are continually sending out emails that aren’t returning results, it’s time to look at other email templates and possibly do some A-B testing to figure out how to achieve the highest open rate.

If you call the lead directly after receiving the lead alert, but they don’t answer your call, consider texting them. According to a Txtsignal, 98% of text messages are opened within 2 minutes. With an open rate that high, a text is a great option but send it directly after making the call. I don’t recommend texting without calling first. Keep the message short and provide a link to your site, as it will buy you some time while they’re perusing. The next time you follow up with them, mention the text. A automatic text message, sent after the lead visits your site, can be a great start to actively engaging the lead and will keep the lead warm until you follow up with a call.

Example text message, sent after they’ve requested information on houses:

Thanks for visiting XYZ Realty online! Here's a sneak peak at some listings in your area: . I’ll call you soon to follow up. [Agent name]


The next time you receive a lead alert, try some of the suggestions in this article -- you'll find yourself talking to more leads, more often. Although not every lead can be contacted directly after receiving a lead alert, due to your schedule, do it as often as you can or have your assistant quickly make the follow-up calls for you.  To keep the lead warm, utilize systems that automatically send an email or text immediately after the lead registers online or requests information. By quickly responding to lead alerts, you will find yourself getting in touch with a higher percentage of new leads, which can lead to more showings and increased sales. Be on the lookout for lead alert notifications and call them immediately. You’ve got this!

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