Frequently Asked Questions

+ How does this service work?

People looking to buy or sell a home use the major search engines to start their real estate search. 

The consumer finds one of the real estate network sites and provides their information.  They request a specific area and provide other relevant details to their real estate search.

We receive the request and our team contacts and validates the information provided.  Once validated, the information is immediately sent to your inbox.

You contact the consumer regarding their real estate request, take the opportunity to provide them with the best options available and turn them into a client.

+ Where do you get your leads?

Leads are generated through our top ranking with the  major search engines.  We drive over 25,000 unique real estate requests per month to our network of realty-based websites.  

These sites are designed to capture home buyer and seller contact information.

Consumers complete the simple request form, including detailed criteria, allowing the agent to better service each consumer's need.

Our lead specialists immediately validate each lead, often speaking directly with the consumer over the phone.

+ How many leads should I expect to get?

You will receive at least 3 leads per month with no maximum limit.

We create and sell each territory as proven traffic rates dictate.  We will not sell a territory unless we consistently receive leads in that territory.

+ When should I follow up with a lead?

We set the expectation with each lead that a real estate agent will be contacting them.  We recommend you contact them immediately, while they're engaged and ready to speak with an agent

If you're unable to speak to the lead immediately, we recommend following-up via email and call as soon as you can the same day.

Only 8% of agents deliver an instant response... be in that group.

+ How am I charged for this service?
  • Flat monthly subscriptions fee
  • Unlimited leads per month
  • No per lead fees
  • No commission splits
  • No long-term contracts
+ What information do you provide with each lead?

You will receive a lead alert via email which includes the following information: 


You will also receive action steps as a reminder to take action and follow-up with the lead right away.

You can also login to your member dashboard and see even more details including beds, baths, amenities, etc.

+ How do I get my leads?
  • Leads are delivered directly to you via email
  • A record of each lead is also stored in your member area for future reference
+ I’m a member of the service but I can’t login to my account...

Problems logging in?  If the system isn't accepting your password, please contact us.

Sales & Support:  800-573-0390

+ How do I discontinue my subscription?
  • Should you decide to close your account, please contact us or login to your member area and request cancellation.
  • You will continue to receive leads until the end of your prepaid subscription term.
  • There are no cancellation fees.

"No lead is a bad lead.  The lead might not be ready to engage during the first call, but that's when you begin follow-ups and nurture them."