How it works:

Delivering Personally Verified Leads

“Our proven lead generation systems delivers verified leads, saving you valuable time.”

Only want verified leads?  Tired of wasting time calling random leads and leaving voicemail messages? 

Our proven lead generation systems are designed to capture high quality real estate leads. 

We personally call each lead and then deliver them to your inbox in real-time once we’ve been able to verify their information. 

Imagine the feeling of relief when you call a First2Contact verified lead, actually talk to them on the phone and add them to your sales funnel.

More than just a lead.  A lead who has been verified by a human.

Gathering real estate leads and verifying them is our specialty.  We take the time to call each lead then deliver them to you in real time. 



1. Leads Gathered

Leads are generated from our real-estate-specific landing pages, designed to attract those interested in either purchasing or selling real estate.  Leads voluntarily enter their information.  We do not purchase 3rd party information; leads are generated soley by us.  When a lead is delivered to our system, one of our specialists reaches out to them immediately. 

2. Phone Verification

Each lead receives a personal phone call from one of our specialized experts.  We verify their information, including when they plan on moving, if they have been pre-qualified for a home loan, and whether or not they already have a real estate agent, among other factors.  We do not forward lead information until we are able to verify their information as accurately as possible.

3. Inbox Delivery

Once verified, the lead is sent directly to your inbox.  These leads are interested in speaking with an agent and looking to buy or sell.  We encourage customers to follow up with leads immediately, when the lead is expecting to hear from an agent.  Only 8% of realtors are delivering an instant response - be in that group.

"Even when leads are hesitant to engage, it's important to continually follow-up and nurture them over time so when they're ready to buy, you're their preferred agent."


of buyers use Google during the first stages of home research


of buyers will choose the agent that educates them


of sales are made between 5th and 12th call

A Success Story

John distributes First2Contact leads to his 5-person team in Georgia.  All new associates are tasked with following up with year-old leads and each cycle results in new sales opportunities. 

As a result of working with First2Contact over the past 18 months:

  • 5 Homes Sold
  • Engaged Client base
  • Over 20x Return-On-Investment

John is one of many First2Contact customers sharing similar success stories. The key to successful lead cultivation is follow up and recycling because you never know which will turn into an opportunity.

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